Gidon Bing Bulb Vase - Bone Crackle Glaze

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Gidon Bing Bulb Vase - a beautifully simple but very sculptural vase, crafted with a narrowed waist and a low centre of gravity for stability.

One of our absolute favourites and, in our opinion, destined to be a future icon of New Zealand design.
Perfect standing solo as a sculptural statement, or for floral arrangements

Size: 16cm Tall x 11cm Wide

Bone Crackle glaze 

Note: Ceramic vases are typically seep/leakproof, but should ideally be placed on a moisture barrier/coaster to protect precious surfaces, as micro cracks can and occasionally do form over the life of the object (particularly with celadon/crackle glazes) and it is better to be safe. 


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