Ponsonby Pomade Mini - Triumph & Disaster Haircare

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Mini Puck of Triumph & Disaster's popular Ponsonby Pomade. 
Perfect size for travel or for trialling this popular care and styling product.

Ponsonby Pomade is a water-based, nutrient-rich product that's a two-in-one: it treats the hair and scalp, while providing styling hold.

Sangre de cargo or 'Dragon’s Blood' is a natural tree resin that combines with Harakeke (NZ Flax oil) to treat and balance the scalp, while Argan oil attacks split ends and promotes healthy hair growth.

Ponsonby Pomade is redefining the men's haircare category, proving that a pomade can both style your hair while also protecting it from damage, calming the scalp with natural, active ingredients that leave both hair and scalp feeling clean and healthy. 


Work a small amount through dry or damp hair for Medium Hold with a high shine, suitable for a wide range of looks and styles.

Fragrance - Triumph & Disaster have designed a bespoke, slightly-medicinal fragrance to evoke old-fashioned barbers shops. Very fresh, very subtle.

Water-based - which means that it’s water-soluble and that it can easily be washed out, but is still weather resistant. Non-greasy, no unwanted build-up.

No petroleum - means it’s easy on the earth and easy on your head whilst delivering and maintaining perfect shape and hold. 





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