FAZEEK - Striped Martini Glass Set of 2 - Lilac + Green

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These Fazeek Striped Martini Glasses are perfect for a modern cocktail moment.

Featuring a classic shape and a unique, striped stem in Lilac and Green, these glasses are made for your martinis, manhattans and more.

Fazeek Striped Martini Glasses come in sets of two.

Size: 9.5cm wide x 14.5cm high with a volume of approximately 140ml (to brim).

Dishwasher safe but we recommend showing it the love it deserves by washing them by hand. 

Each Fazeek piece is delicate, unique and handmade which means you may find some slight variations in shape, colour or finish. All Fazeek glass pieces are hand-blown and made from high-quality borosilicate glass. 

Do not put ice into the glass before the liquid, and always be gentle when placing it onto hard surfaces.

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