Sage Smudge Stick - Rose Quartz

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These Sage smudge sticks are made with white sage, a little rosemary and lavender, and are finished with homegrown flowers and a piece of Rose Quartz.

The people, spaces and objects we are surrounded by can easily muddy or drain energy. Smudging, a ritual that has been practised for centuries, can help to cleanse and purify the energy around us and our space.

Sage is said to have powerful healing properties and is known to attract higher energies and tranquility. Lavender, which is also included in this bundle, is for happiness and relaxation. Rosemary removes negative energy and creates a peaceful space.

Each Sage Smudge Stick comes in its own linen drawstring bag with instruction card, making it a sweet gift for a housewarming or other new beginning, or for anyone who would appreciate the gift of purified, positive energy.

Size: approx 10cm long x 5 cm thick


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