Cabin Fever - Enchanting Cabins, Shacks, and Hideaways

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Cabins are booming. Escape the city and discover a range of stylish and otherworldly sanctuaries in remote surroundings.

Featuring rustic timber cabins on stilts, mirrored pods in the woods, and otherworldly off-grid getaways, Cabin Fever showcases a new wave of modern hideaways, all remotely positioned and away from the hustle and bustle.

Nestled in thriving woodlands, overlooking bodies of water, or even exposed to the elements on a mountain’s peak, architects are contending to create high-impact spaces on a small scale. Cabin Fever takes a broad look at remote retreats designed to make the most of their natural surroundings and illustrates why the call of the wild is louder than ever.

A desire to escape the commotion of the city without sacrificing creature comforts is something felt by many—especially in today’s hyperconnected world. 

From high-end design publisher Gestalten

Hardcover, stitch bound, 272 pages

24 x 30cm

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