Excessively Obsessed

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Find your passion, build your business, learn your limits, love your life.

Modern and practical business lessons from Tash Oakley, co-founder of Monday Swimwear and The Pilates Class.

Do you have an idea for a business, but no clue where to start? Is there a product or service you're sure you could sell, if only you knew how to file the paperwork or fund the company or build the marketing plan? Do you have an inkling that you'll want to start a business one day - and you can't stop wondering if you have what it takes? Then you've come to the right place.

In this empowering guide, Natasha gives an honest account of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating a successful business, from registering your company and opening a bank account, all the way to building your team and scaling for growth. Removing the glamour of #hustleculture and the illusion of how easy it might look on social media, Natasha will detail how she bartered jobs and co-founded Monday Swimwear in her living room with her best friend and grew that business (and others) to a multi-million dollar empire.

And she will explain how, no matter what your idea, if you are Excessively Obsessed with it, you can do the same. In her book, she will show readers how to:

Harness your idea to create a viable business that has longevity
Know when to leave your job, how to fund your start-up and whether you need a business partner
Generate and grow a huge following
Build contacts when no one knows who you are
Rise above pressures of social media to use it powerfully and with purpose
Create work/life balance to avoid burnout and take care of yourself

Excessively Obsessed is for anyone who has ever wondered: should I start my own business? (Spoiler alert: there's no right answer!) And whether you decide to get started tomorrow or give it more time, you'll close this book with a reignited sense of passion and purpose in your career. Through her own story, Natasha will inspire readers to tap into their own unique potential, because when you find your calling, it's worth becoming obsessed.

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