Clay Face Mask (8-10 Masks) - Goji Berry


Goji Berry Clay Mask: a combination of brightening French pink clay, French white clay, kaolin clay and Goji Berry super fruit powder.

Goji berry has very beneficial properties for skin including the ability to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of scarring and wrinkles. An excellent regular-use mask, which will help to brighten and tighten skin over time – and perfect for a pick me up!

Each jar will provide 8-10 full mask treatments.


Add about 1 teaspoon of clay to water and mix to a smooth paste

(For an extra-intensive treatment, you can use in place of water: your fave toner, natural goodness such as milk, honey or yoghurt, or even a favourite serum or face oil)

A thick, smooth paste is best, so add the liquid slowly until you reach the desired consistency. Apply to face using fingertips or a brush and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Extend the treatment by misting the clay with your toner so it doesn’t dry as quickly.

When clay has almost dried, wash off with water and follow with toner and moisturiser. 

Clay properties:

French Pink Clay is a clay that refreshes the appearance of tired and dull skin. After a clay treatment, skin will appear brightened and feel toned. Works well with sensitive and mature skin types, and because of its gentle nature can be used on irritated skin and redness.

French White Clay a mild clay with excellent absorption qualities, it draws impurities from the skin without removing natural oils. Great choice for sensitive and dry skin.

Kaolin Clay is a traditional healing clay, used for centuries in poultices and clay packs for treating wounds and inflammation. This makes the clay a great choice for healing damaged skin, and its disinfectant properties help to heal existing skin blemishes and irritations.

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