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Lagom is a lifestyle magazine for like-minded creatives who care about thoughtful design, independent travel, and a balanced approach to life.

Lagom is about people making a living from their passions (we LOVE that), and pastime activities that offer inspiration.

Each issue is divided into three distinct sections: Visit, Escape, and Unwind.
Moving through each issue is a journey, looking behind the doors of inspirational workspaces, hotels, restaurants, and homes from around the world; meeting the entrepreneurs, makers, and craftspeople creating truly unique work; and winding down to learn about the pastimes and hobbies that help attain that all-important sense of balance in our busy, modern lives.

Unlike many lifestyle magazines, Lagom steers clear of pomposity and keeps its feet well and truly on the ground, celebrating people rather than image. Lagom cares about the personal stories behind the products, and the motivations of the world’s creatives.


Issue #7

Something of a sensory issue: in it, Lagom explores taste, scent, tactile experiences, and atmosphere. We visit the homes and workspaces of creative people around the world, and discover new destinations and pastimes to help us escape our screens. If you can’t always travel to the many places that inspire Lagom magazine, it aims to transport you to a few of these locations, metaphorically, and convey something of their atmosphere in the pages of this issue.

Visiting people and places in Iceland, Norway, Swedish Lapland, southern France, Vermont, Athens, Brooklyn, London, and Paris, the hope is that you can feel inspired, motivated, enjoy putting your feet up, experiment with a new method of making coffee, or try one of the three recipes you’ll find in this issue.

Lagom is perfect-bound and printed on uncoated stock (300gsm cover, 140gsm interior), with a foil-blocked cover.


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