Flash Jewellery - Eva Pearl Sleeper Hoops - 14k Gold Vermeil

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Flash Jewellery - founded by New Zealand designer Nina Gordon - is a contemporary jewellery label for the modern woman, creating a series of easy-wearing and effortless styles that redefine jewellery essentials.

All Flash Jewellery pieces are produced with Vermeil - far, far superior to regular 'gold plated' jewellery. Vermeil really is the next best thing to solid gold, without the price tag (see more about Vermeil below).

Eva Pearl Sleeper Hoops 

Effortless, elegant and polished. These feature a Freshwater pearl on Flash's signature handmade sleeper hoop earring with hinge clasp.
Due to the natural nature of freshwater pearls, they will vary in shape. 

Genuine Freshwater Pearls
14K Gold Vermeil

About Gold Vermeil

All Flash pieces are produced with Vermeil, setting Flash apart from regular 'gold plated' jewellery. Vermeil is the next best thing to solid gold, without the price tag. Vermeil is a base metal of 925 Sterling Silver, with a very thick  (Flash uses 2.5 - 3 micron thickness) overlay of solid 14 or 18 karat gold. A piece of jewellery can not be labelled as Vermeil unless it is tested and meets these industry standards. Making jewellery in this way, with two precious metals, ensures excellent longevity and durability in all Flash pieces. Vermeil jewellery is made to be lived in, and worn every day.  

Other 'gold plated' jewellery is generally a brass base with gold plating on top - this gold plate layer can be any thickness, and these pieces usually contain nickel in the brass component.  

All Flash Jewellery pieces are individually handmade by skilled artisans.   

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