HERE Magazine - Issue 21

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Here 21 is the third annual Here Awards issue, celebrating the winners and finalists from the Here Awards.⁠

On the cover: Poppa's Palace, Here's Best House Aotearoa – a 50-square-metre home on an impossible Grey Lynn site by Oli Booth. Bounded by a public carpark, a pedestrian lane, a commercial building and a character zone, it's a wonder it was ever built at all. Built to the boundaries, with impeccably designed use of space and a beautiful connection with the garden, Poppa's Palace creates a multi-generational family compound around a shared garden. ⁠

The issue also features six other category winners and finalists: ⁠

+ Runner-up & New House: Davor Popadich builds a house and heals the land at Hāhei⁠
+ Reuse and Renovation: The impeccable reinvention of a modernist classic by Studio LWA
+ Colour and Detail: Delightful terrace housing in Manukau by Crosson Architects brings a new neighbourhood to life⁠
+ Interior: Atelier Jones Design creates a kitchen around joy and daily rituals with a deep sense of craft⁠
+ Small Project: Ethan Sarchi makes a beautiful timber pavilion combining traditional craft and modern technology⁠
+ Finalist: Architect Tim Nees' own house, a collection of seemingly minimalist white boxes above Taylors Mistake‍⁠

Plus, a visitor's centre in the mountains of Nepal celebrates Sir Edmund Hilary, there's a new space for Public Record and a summer house in an established garden. ⁠

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