Antipodes Sparkling Water - 1 Litre

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Antipodes Sparkling Water - 1 Litre Glass Bottle

Nothing but pure water from the source - but so much more...

Far beneath the earth’s surface at a depth of 327metres is the natural home of Antipodes; an artesian aquifer composed of silica rich ignimbrite rock. Assessed as New Zealand’s deepest high quality water source, it exists under such immense geological pressure that the water flows naturally all the way to the surface. Its measured age at bottling is between 50 to 300 years.

Antipodes water is exceptionally pure and needs only a simple microfiltration before bottling. No sterilisation, no additives, no industrial cleansing and processing. Antipodes' sole purpose is to ensure the water in their bottles is unaltered from the purity of its origins. Water from the source – nothing more and nothing less.

A water’s subtle taste can be determined by the amount of minerals per litre. At just 130 milligrams per litre, Antipodes' minerality is remarkably low in comparison to many other waters. With much of this light minerality composed of silica, Antipodes' water offers almost imperceptible flavour and a gentle, silky texture on the palate. The pH level of Antipodes is a neutral 7.0, providing Antipodes with its unique clean and subtle taste.

Antipodes is also the only mineral water to be carboNZero certified. From its source, to any dining table in the world, it leaves behind absolutely no carbon footprint.

The aquifer replenishes at a far greater rate than Antipodes could ever take the water, and they only bottle to order, so they're only ever utilising what we need from this precious resource. All production energy is from 100% renewable sources: geothermal, wind and hydroelectric. And through the creation of wetland reserves, Antipodes continuously seeks ton enhance and preserve our natural environment.

Antipodes water is also the most award-winning water at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, the world’s leading mineral water competition, and is served in the world's finest restaurants and hotels.

The Antipodes bottles are a masterclass in minimalist design, delivering a product that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste. 


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