Ashley + Co Soothe + Zap - Hand Cream Sanitiser

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Soothe + Zap is a game changer - a cream-based, highly-effective hand sanitiser that protects against germs through a long-lasting yet nourishing barrier.

Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria found on skin.

Ashley + Co have developed a product that manages to do the impossible - defend against germs and hydrate skin. Loaded with the enriching, hydrating goodness of seaweed and harakeke (flax seed) extracts along Ashley + Co's gentle signature scent of Tui + Kahili, it goes on creamy to form a barrier of defense against unwanted germs, protecting for up to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, it restores your skins’ natural balance. 

50ml tube

Scent: Tui + Kahili 

Delicate Lily, Wild Ginger, Mimosa, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

The original and now-iconic Ashley + Co scent. Fresh, bold, uplifting and addictive.



All Ashley + Co products are proudly designed, made and packaged here in New Zealand.

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