Ashley + Co Surface Zap - Sanitising Spray

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Ashley + Co Surface Zap is a multi–surface spray sanitiser with 70% Alcohol. Gives instant sanitisation and has a bright, fresh scent thanks to kaffir lime, spicy clove and essential oils.

Cleaning and sanitising are not the same thing. You can surface clean, but that doesn't mean germs are killed. Once you've cleaned your surface, spray and wipe with this sanitiser to kill the invisible nasties that remain. 

Dialled up to 70% alcohol and following the WHO recommended formula, this product takes sanitising seriously - quashing 99.9% of germs, but yet sill indulging the senses with the signature scent of Lotus Leave + Lustre. 

Great everywhere from the kitchen to the car, or any high-traffic area (think door handles and handrails).

500ml Trigger Spray

Scent: Lotus Leaf + Lustre

Kaffir Lime, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Caramel, Coriander

Citrus makes up the top notes of this balanced scent. The pairing of kaffir lime and orange with nutmeg and clove buds, on top of a woody base, combine to create the perfect all-rounder. 


All Ashley + Co products are proudly designed, made and packaged here in New Zealand.

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