Ashley & Co Surface Zap - Sanitising Spray

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WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended formulation
Kills 99.9% of germs

Introducing a new bench buddy to Ashley & Co Home Keeping - Surface Zap. A multi–surface spray sanitiser with 70% Alcohol, Surface Zap gives instant sanitisation and has a bright, fresh scent thanks to kaffir lime, spicy clove and essential oils.

Great everywhere from the kitchen to the car, or any high-traffic area (think door handles and handrails).

Cleaning and sanitising are not the same thing. You can surface with a cleaner, but that doesn't mean germs are killed. Once you've clean your surface, spray and wipe with this sanitiser to kill the invisible nasties that remain. After a good wipe down to remove debris, grime and grease (cue Ashley & Co Benchpress for this task), simply spray Surface Zap and gently wipe invisible nasties away. Dialled up to 70% alcohol and following the WHO recommended formula, this product takes sanitising seriously, killing 99.9% of germs, but yet sill indulges the senses with Ashley & Co's signature Lotus Leave & Lustre scent.


Made and packaged here in New Zealand by our friends at Ashley & Co

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