Penney & Bennett Beauty Pillow - Ivory

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100% Mulberry Silk
Designed and made here in New Zealand

Every single day of our lives, we spend 8 hours or more with our heads in contact with our pillows. Sleeping on a pure silk pillow has awesome benefits for skin and hair - it's the best new 'step' to add to your hair and skincare regimen.

Sleeping on a silk pillow helps your skin retain moisture (and those evening skincare products you apply) much better than any other fabric. Hello, hydration. Silk pillows also help to reduce friction on the face, meaning less stretching and pressure on delicate skin, and less sleep creases.

Silk pillows are especially beneficial for your hair - they reduce friction on the hair thereby reducing bed head and tangles, minimising damage to the hair follice, and reducing dryness.

A little everyday luxury for your beautiful self.

Size: 48 x 72cm

Comes in Kohl or Ivory

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