Ceremony - Brianna Wiest

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The highly anticipated new book from Brianna Wiest, Ceremony promises to be every bit as empowering, profoundly insightful and uplifting as Brianna's other books.

"Ceremony is a collection for those on the cusp of becoming. It is a reminder that we were not meant to fit into this world perfectly, but to live in such a way that might forge a path all our own. It is a reminder that we are one with each other and nature itself. It is a reminder that we contain within us the latent potential of every future possibility we can conceive of. It is a reminder that we often must release what is not ours in order to receive what is, that we are all born with a unique imprint to leave upon the world, and that self-love is not an infatuation, but a homecoming."

Ceremony is a book written around the idea that the most unlikely moments are often the very ones offering us a chance to meet ourselves more deeply; it is a book for the ones who are ready to stop waiting and wondering, and dive all the way into who they were meant to be.


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