The Monocle Book of Homes

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Good homes are places where lives unfold, families grow up, dogs jump on sofas, and friends share meals. They're also spaces to find some solitude--a quiet corner to read a book or have a Saturday afternoon nap. Homes need to do it all--they sustain you, inspire you, and tell your story through architecture, design, and collections.

The Monocle Book of Homes is a guide to exceptional residences – with a few tips on how to make the most of your own living space thrown in for good measure.

Join us on a tour of 20 inspiring properties from a converted cottage on an Australian island to a contemporary bolthole in the middle of Jakarta – via Mexico, Finland, Lebanon and more. We also delve into neighbourhoods where a simple philosophy of building well has created quality of life for many, and discover the benefits of adding a touch of greenery – whether a fully-fledged vegetable patch or simple potted plant.

The Monocle Book of the Home is packed with great photography that delivers the bigger picture and the smallest details alongside fascinating essays full of advice by key thinkers, writers, and designers. 

264 pages - hardcover with removable dust jacket

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