MarkAntonia Travel Candles

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The original large MarkAntonia candles are so loved, that MarkAntonia have launched a range of travel size candles.

MarkAntonia candles are handmade in New Zealand by designer Mark Seeney and floral stylist Antonia De Vere. Hand poured into a small travel candle and topped with a lid.

Choose from 4 fragrances - Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter

Made using eco soy wax, a more environmentally-friendly and vegan alternative to other candle wax. 

The combination of Wild Bluebell, Sage Flower and Sea Salt reminds us of clean fresh linen in a salty summer breeze, with sweet cut grass and softly scented night flowers.

Wild Mint, Geranium, Peony and Lime delivering a fresh, light fragrance with a very soft sweetness underneath.

The combination of Smoked Lavender and Amber creates a warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness.

The combination of Burnt Fig, Cassis and Citrus creates a rich, heady and warm fragrance

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