everdaily - Ever Concentrate - Multi Purpose Cleaner - Mandarin + Basil

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One cleaning concentrate for every household task - Kitchens, Bathrooms, Windows, Dishes, even dirty Laundry - everdaily's Ever Concentrate is easily mixed at different dilutions to clean it all.

This multi-tasking concentrate is powerful across a range of uses and ensures excellent results on dirt, grease, grime and stains.

Simply mix the concentrate with tap water and create the product you need when you need it - saving time, space, money and single-use bottles.

Best of all, this is a non-toxic, plant and mineral based formula that takes on any daily tasks around your home without harsh chemicals.

Having one product that can literally do it all also means a more minimal, less cluttered home - we love that. Having Ever Concentrate in the cupboard is all you need to make cleaning more simple, more sustainable and more affordable.

1 Litre bottle, comes with a pump

Mandarin + Basil (100% Natural Fragrance)


This 1 Litre bottle can make:

3 bottles of Multi-Purpose Spray, PLUS

2 bottles of Bathroom Cleaner, PLUS

2 bottles of Glass Cleaner, PLUS

20 sinks of Dishes, PLUS

20 loads of Laundry...

Or whatever you want it to be!

  • Non-toxic
  • Plant & Mineral Based
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • 100% Natural Fragrance (also comes in a fragrance free version)
  • Preservative Free
  • No artificial colours
  • Made here in New Zealand


everydaily are on a mission to make your everyday cleaning products more healthy and more beautiful, with less. Their goal was to simplify the clutter of products in their cupboards, so they decided to create an all in one solution. everdaily don’t believe there needs to be separate products dedicated to different rooms of the house. You shouldn't have a product that’s great in the bathroom but too toxic for the kitchen, or works for one surface and not the other. A good formula should do it all.

everdaily also don't believe it makes sense to sell and ship water, when you should simply be able to use water from your tap at home. In a category known for its loud and single-use packaging, everydaily decided to bring some beauty and longevity to the product, so you can happily have the bottles sitting on your bench and use them more than once, re-use and re-fill.

everdaily also wanted to create a product that was clean in more ways than one - so they set about crafting a formula that would be safe and non-toxic for a healthy home and family.

We truly believe everdaily is all you need for a sustainable, clean, healthy and minimal home. 

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