Feels Like Home: Relaxed Interiors for a Meaningful Life

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The third interior design book from TV and social media star Lauren Liess, Feels Like Home explores the emotional connection that a home can have to a person’s life A house is a feeling.

Feels Like Home explores the emotional connection between the way we decorate our homes and our daily lives. She advises readers to think beyond just the objects in their homes and explore how design informs an intentional, happy, and authentic life.

The book includes practical design information, with never-before-seen case studies on a variety of homes including a farmhouse, a home in the woods, a Spanish colonial, and other more traditional homes.

Each case study explores a hardworking design aspect (such as proportion, scale, and color), while also focusing on the emotional aspect of the home. The chapters are inspired by the following themes: comfort, calm, excitement, belonging, carefree, love, and contentment.

288 Pages

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