Wedge Vases - Holly Morgan

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The Wedge Vases by Holly Morgan are delicate, architectural and timeless.
Both a sculptural piece of fine art for your home, and a functional vase for flowers.

The Wedge Vases are designed with a clay-coloured glaze unique to Holly. She has developed this glaze to emulate and preserve the look and texture of raw clay drying.

Loosely glazed, you’re left with finger prints, subtle drips and places where the glaze overlaps and thickens. Smooth to touch, but with a very organic aesthetic. 

All MorganMade pieces are thrown on the wheel by Holly Morgan, from her studio atelier in the Hawke's Bay. Holly is 'one to watch' in NZ ceramics, making much of her bespoke work for wineries/vineyards and restaurants around the country.

Sizes (approx)

Small - 18cm tall x 13.5cm diameter at widest point
Medium - 19cm tall x 16cm diameter at widest point
Large - 27cm tall x 21cm doiameter at widest point



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