Cleanse - Palo Santo

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3 Palo Santo sticks

Palo Santo has been used for centuries to cleanse, clear and brighten the energy in a space. It can also help you feel calm, grounded and focused. 

It has a scent of woody pine and sweet citrus (lemon and mint notes). 

Use a lighter or candle, and hold one end of the stick at a 45 degree angle to the flame. Let the stick catch fire, then allow it to burn for 30 seconds to a minute, then blow the flame out. Move the now-smoking stick around the space or room - anywhere you would like to purify, clear and lighten the energy. Blow on the ember to keep the smoke going. When you're finished, smudge the stick in a metal, glass or clay bowl/dish. It will go out on its own, then you can use it again multiple times.

A lovely ritual for the end of a week, to clear and reset the energy for the new week (or any other new beginning, or new space.)

Sustainably foraged from fallen branches on the forest floor.

Origin: Peru. (Unlike some other countries, Peru has very strict regulations around the sustainable harvest of Palo Santo wood.)

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