Cleanse - White Sage

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The people and things we are surrounded by can easily muddy or lower the energy of a space. Smudging, a ritual that has been practised for centuries, can help to cleanse a space by clearing, purifying and elevating the energy in it.

A lovely ritual for the start or end of a week, to clear and reset the energy for the new week - or for any other new beginning, such as moving house or starting a new chapter.

Light one end of the sage bundle and let the flame catch. Blow the flame out, then move the smoking bundle of sage around your space  - anywhere you would like to purify, clear and lighten the energy.  Blow on the end to keep the smoke going. Smudge the stick onto a metal, glass or clay bowl/dish. It will go out on its own, then you can use it again multiple times.

Approx size: 10cm long

Our sage is sourced from California where it is sustainably harvested as part of a social enterprise to re-engage first nation people in meaningful employment with cultural significance. All sage is collected on private land with a portion of profits going back to landowners.

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