Sans - Bio Active Body Exfoliant

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A delicate yet potent exfoliation formula, designed to boost hydration, minimise pores, and smooth and plump skin.

Formulated using facial-grade bamboo grounds to gently yet effectively smooth your skin.

Dead skin cell buildup can create an impenetrable layer, making the use of high-quality skincare ineffective. This is why exfoliation is critical in order to access, feed and boost new skin cells. Blended with a combination of stimulating and nourishing ingredients, this new generation formulation will leave your skin feeling plump and velvety smooth. 

Squeeze a cherry-sized amount into palm. Best applied away from direct water stream, to maximise product coverage. Massage vigorously into skin, paying special attention to rough and hard-to-get-to areas on your body. Emulsify with water, then rinse.

(For beautiful results, we recommend following with Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil while skin is still damp - this combination gives a luminous glow.)

Key Ingredients + Benefits:


Stimulates and activates the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone. Ginseng also utilises adaptogen technology, meaning it responds to what the skin needs, i.e. calming and soothing or stimulating and toning. It is also highly anti-inflammatory.


A sustainable ingredient rich in minerals and silica. High, facial-grade bamboo is used to ensure gentle exfoliation and avoid inflammation often associated with harsh scrubs.


Excellent for reactive or dry skin as it is highly anti-inflammatory with a zero comedogenic rating and will restore the skin’s moisture barrier.


Tests show goji to be a powerful dermo-stimulant which provides good toning properties to skin. It also possesses a high antioxidant activity that is comparable to vitamin C and therefore good for photo protection and anti-aging.

Multi Functional Tip: 
Gently massage onto rough and flakey lips to smooth and nourish. 
Also makes a beautiful foot scrub.

150ml Tube

About Sans:
We are proud to offer you the exceptional, multifunctional and highly effective Body collection from New Zealand brand Sans [ceuticals]. Sans is the French word for without, and all Sans product formulations are made in New Zealand without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. 

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