So.Ah Handmade Soap - Nourishing Oat Milk

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So.Ah is a brand of natural soaps, handmade in small batches in Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand.

So.Ah soaps are handmade using the cold process method, with high quality ingredients that are organic, home-grown and/or locally sourced where possible.

So.Ah soaps are use 100% plant-based ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils, each with their own unique benefits. Our products are vegan, free from synthetic colour and palm oil.

Oat Milk Soap

A highly moisturising bar - crafted with fresh homemade oat milk - which leaves skin feeling silky soft.
Beneficial for everyone, but especially for those with irritated and dry skin. Oat milk has an anti-inflammatory effect that soothes irritated skin. Kaolin clay has also been added to the formula, as it gently softens and purifies skin. With a timeless scent of Cedarwood, Clary Sage and NZ Lavender


Homemade Oat Milk
Oatmeal (Colloidal Oatmeal - a specially prepared form of oatmeal used in creams and lotions)
Avocado Oil
Rice Bran Oil
Ultra distilled water
Coconut Oil
Shea butter
Clary Sage
Olive Oil
Kaolin Clay
Sodium Hydroxide
New Zealand Lavender


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