Aviator - Solid State Men's Cologne

We've sold out of this product, but it might be on its way back in-store... Want to know if we have more on the way? Just email us: hello@sundayhomestore.co.nz

Solid State is a highly concentrated, wax-based men's cologne.  Just swipe a little on the wrists and neck - the fragrance lasts really well through the day and evening. 

Aviator - Grapefruit, Mint, Cardamon

Scent notes: a striking blend of woody aromatics and crisp citrus, with a hint of incense and spices. The ideal wear-anywhere blend.

Comes in a small tin, designed to be with him wherever he goes - in his bag, wallet, office drawer or back pocket. Also great for travel.


Designed and made in Melbourne. Not tested on animals.

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