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Bohemia Founder Rebecca Le Harle is a mama, Reiki practitioner and certified Tea Master (certified by the International Tea Masters Assocation). 

Bohemia Tea is born of Rebecca's belief in feeling good through simple ways, creating meaningful moments, slowing down and sharing tea together. Each Bohemia Tea blend is carefully designed with wellbeing in mind.

Bohemia Teas and Herbs are sourced, handcrafted and packaged with tonnes of aroha and energetic awareness, and are completely organic/wildcrafted/spray free. Tea is a highly sprayed plant when non-organic - Bohemia Tea believes in offering pure, luminous tea - free of chemicals and nasties.

The Bohemia Tea Boxes don't just look beautiful, they're designed with conscious consideration, too - the tea boxes are made here in New Zealand and are recyclable, and the cellulose pouches are fully compostable.


A high vibe tonic to inspire and uplift. 

Invigorate with the South American native plant Yerba Matē for blissful caffeination. Muse is super digestive and stimulating, ideal as an alcohol or morning coffee replacement. 

Ingredients: Green Yerba mate, Peppermint Leaf. Contains caffeine.

Box contains approximately 25 servings.

Infusion: 1 teaspoon per cup. Infuse Muse Tonic for 4 minutes. Add honey or maple, if you like, for additional sweetness and nurturing. This tonic also translates beautifully to iced tea.

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