Noble & Savage Artisan Tea - White Noise

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~ This tea is Certified Organic ~

A very rare, hand-made white tea that is delicate, floral and silky smooth. A great tea for people who find green tea too bitter, and enjoy subtle and gentle flavours.

White noise is made of half-fermented White Downy Oolong tea from China. Draws an amber coloured brew. Traditional white teas are minimally processed, simply being steamed and dried. This leaves them pure, with a mild flavour and with more antioxidants and less caffeine than any other type of tea from the camellia sinensis plant.

White Noise has a more robust flavour and amber cup compared to other white tea. The hand rolled leaves show silver buds amongst dark olive leaves, and has aromas of sweet hay, maple and honey, which can be re-brewed a number of times. Mild and aromatic, but still yielding a strong body of flavour, this is great brewed hot or cold. 

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