Triumph + Disaster - Spice Deodorant

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Triumph & Disaster Deodorant 

Made with natural and organic ingredients, with no Aluminium, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol or Phthalates - trust us, you don't want those bad boys rolling around in your system.

Sweat is one of the signs of a normal, healthy functioning system. A good deodorant is not about stopping sweat, but rather limiting/calming excess moisture, and controlling the aromas created by sweat. Triumph & Disaster's deodorant does this by killing the bacteria that causes unpleasant smells and replacing them with a subtle bepsoke scent rankincense, Bay Leaf and Clove

New Zealand Manuka, Aloe Vera and Kawakawa combine with organic Lavender and the natural benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate to calm perspiration and neutralise body odour

Made in New Zealand

50ml Glass Bottle


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