Hold Me - Wall-Mounted Holder for Ashley & Co

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You may have spotted this Ashley & Co wall-mounted holder in one of the modern eateries and restaurants Ashley & Co supplies. It was custom designed for Ashley & Co and works beautifully with all of their 500ml bottles - Wash, Body and Hair.

Unobtrusive yet essential to keeping well-used spaces open and organised, Hold Me tenderly cradles your Ashley & Co favourites.

By caring for your bottles, wear & tear is reduced and refilling is a breeze. 

Use at the bathroom sink (or even kitchen or laundry sink) with your Ashley & Co Hand Wash, or even in the shower with Washup Gone Green Body Wash, or do a pair in the shower for Wash Locks and Soft Locks Shampoo and Conditioner.

Comes beautifullly boxed with a wall fixing kit and easy how-to instructions. 


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