Podium Pot / Planter - Medium, Black

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We L.O.V.E the Podium series of planters - from Scandinavian-inspired homeware brand Zakkia. 

This size is perfect to drop a plastic pot straight in to, making it easy to pot and water your green friend. Also a great size for storing your kitchen utensils or left empty as a decorative object.  

We love the bold, contemporary architectural shape of these Podium planters. 

The outside of the pot is raw ceramic, and the inside has a glossy sealed glaze. 
Because each pot is individually handcrafted, your pot may differ (only ever-so-slightly)from what is pictured here. This is the beauty of buying handmade, your pot will be like no other. 

Note: These plant pots have no drainage hole as they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Size: 14cm diameter x 14cm tall
Also available in white

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