Sans - Barrier Rx Body + Hand Butter

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Revolutionary new formula

Sans [ceuticals] Barrier Rx Body + Hand Butter is an unscented, non-steroidal cream rich in ultra-soothing extracts including medical-grade manuka honey, kawakawa extract and fermented oat prebiotics to soothe, heal and deeply hydrate sensitive skin.

This incredible formula includes the natural anti-inflammatory Ocean DerMX complex, a New Zealand-made botanic blend with an amazing ability to rapidly calm and soothe unbalanced skin - in fact, it's proven to calm and soothe skin in less than 15 minutes.

This combination of gold-standard actives delivers a four-pronged approach to skin repair:

[01] Soothe inflammation
[02] Support barrier repair
[03] Aid microbiome recovery
[04] Boost moisture levels to prevent flare-ups

5% OceanDerMX® | Ceramides | 3% Niacinamide Fermented Oat Prebiotics | Kawakawa Medical-Grade Mānuka Honey | Kawakawa

+ Dry skin
+ Dermatitis and eczema
+ All skin types


+ Niacinamide
A 3% formulation to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier function by boosting ceramide production in the dermal layer.

+ Medical-Grade Mānuka Honey
Highly valued for its antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties to accelerate natural wound repair and healing. It works as a humectant, drawing vital moisture into the skin to nourish and restore. It also helps balance skin pH levels.

+ Kawakawa Extract
A powerful native New Zealand botanical that possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and heal irritated skin.

+ Fermented Oat Prebiotics
A patented prebiotic complex from oat. Clinical tests show a significant improvement in microbiome recovery, improving the barrier’s first line of defence.

+ Ceramides Patented Complex 
The gold standard in skin barrier recovery and repair. This patented ceramide complex utilises vehiculation technology for enhanced performance in creating a protective barrier, keeping moisture locked in and irritants out.

+ Liquorice Extract
A powerful, isolated compound used as an anti- inflammatory agent in pharmaceutical drugs to soothe skin.

As skin sensitivities and reactive conditions surge, so does inflammation. Eczema and dermatitis, primarily triggered by dehydration and compromised barrier function, are on the rise. Barrier Rx Body + Hand Butter restores the skin’s protective layer, locks in moisture, and calms inflammation, promoting hydrated and resilient skin.

Created specifically to soothe, heal, soften and deeply hydrate, Sans Barrier Rx Body + Hand Butter is a tub of pure nourishing comfort. 

For best results, apply to clean, dry skin. Use as part of your evening ritual for optimum hydration.


We are proud to offer you the exceptional, multifunctional and highly effective skincare collection from New Zealand brand Sans [ceuticals]. Sans is the French word for without, and all Sans product formulations are made in New Zealand, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. 


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