Fibre Royale Mini - Triumph & Disaster Haircare

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Perfect for travel or to trial this popular Triumph & Disaster product - a 25g Mini Puck of Fibre Royale

A natural product that provides strong hold, without adding volume or dulling natural shine. It's als water-based, so it's non-greasy.

A bespoke blend of Beeswax, Argan oil and Kawakawa to shape hair and treat the scalp, Fibre Royale is a strong hold, low volume product that delivers a natural look & style. Perfect for medium hair length through to longer hairstyles, ideal for both men’s and women’s cuts.

Fibre Royale is infused with T&D’s bespoke fragrance named Santa Monica. Derived from the calming scent of Ho Wood bark, combined with cold-pressed orange rind and pine needle - such a nice scent!


To use, activate (warm) a small amount of Fibre Royale between your hands and work through dry or damp hair.

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