Abel Eau de Parfum - Laundry Day

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Abel creates the world's best 100% natural perfume - without compromising on ethics or aesthetics.
Abel perfumes are modern, sophisticated and beautifully complex.

Introducing Laundry Day - a verdant, sun-filled citrus.

Evokes the energy and freshness of a crisp spring day

Top Notes: cut grass, aldehydes
Heart Notes: lime, passionfruit, orange
Base Notes: vetiver

The scent opens with a zesty cut grass and biotech aldehyde accord, upcycled passionfruit and lime heart, and a rich vetiver base. Abel Founder Frances Shoemack was inspired by the energy of spring. That time of year when windows are flung open to let the outside back in, the scent of fresh grass fills the air, and laundry is once again hung outside - a ritualistic joy.

“There’s something deeply uplifting about springtime and the reawakening it signifies. We wanted to capture that feeling in a bottle so the energy and freshness of spring can be evoked year round - no matter what season you’re in,” says Shoemack.

One of the first global fragrance houses to incorporate leading biotechnology into their formula, over half the ingredients in Abel’s Laundry Day fragrance are biotech or upcycled. These plant based ingredients provide a more efficient, consistent and less volatile supply chain that’s completely renewable and readily biodegradable.

“We have always sourced from, and returned our ingredients to, nature. Biotech allows us to do this in a way that is low impact and high performance,” shares Shoemack.

About Abel

Abel is the new standard in modern fragrance.

Back in 2013, having fallen out of love with the feel of synthetic fragrances for their toxicity to ourselves and the environment, New Zealander Frances Shoemack was on the hunt for a sophisticated 100% natural perfume.

Not able to find any natural perfumes that were also high-end and modern, former winemaker Frances decided to craft her own. She turned to Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair (also a New Zealander, now Brazil-based) with the challenge of creating a perfume collection from only 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients that could be born of the earth and would, therefore, harmlessly return to it.

A road much less travelled in perfumery, Frances has also sought out sophisticated biotechnology, using gentle natural science techniques to guide her ingredients into modern, elevated scents. The Abel collection is now a thoughtful edit of world-leading fragrances without any need for chemical counterparts, an emphasis on low impact and, most importantly, a plant-only ingredient list.

Most of the fragrance ingredients used in traditional perfumes are synthetic fragrance molecules, derived from fossil fuels like crude oil. Abel doesn't use these because they are a nonrenewable resource and they create significant water and air pollution, amongst other detriments to our environment. These ingredients also have links to several health concerns.

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