Beetl Baby Cream

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From mother to mother, one family to another. Beetl is gentle, natural and beautifully effective skincare, made here in New Zealand, especially for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Beetl's bestselling Baby Cream is designed to nourish and moisturise baby's skin, and provides a protective barrier that soothes and prevents irritated skin.

Fragrance-free, 100% natural and gentle enough for all ages and everyday use, this all-purpose cream is proven to calm and nourish: 

Eczema / Sensitive skin / Psoriasis / Cradle cap / Irritated skin / Dry skin / Nappy rash

With its thoughtfully-selected and all natural ingredients, Beetl Baby Cream has skin-compatible ingredients that support the natural barriers and function of healthy skin, making it ideal for the whole family to use.

Absorbs quickly
Soothes irritated skin
Calms redness
Anti-inflammatory properties
Protects sensitive skin
Nourishes and hydrates skin
Gentle formula
Paraben free
Fragrance free
Responsibly sourced
Made in New Zealand
Not tested on animals
Small family-owned business

"We absolutely love beetl! So lush on baby’s skin, with none of the extra nasties that so many skincare products have in them. I also use it everyday on myself as find I get dry skin and just love how it feels. Definitely recommend not only for babe but for mama too..."

"I bought it after reading a lot of good reviews and testimonials from moms and so far, so good! My son has dry skin and I tried everything — even breastmilk bath but it’s not cutting it. Honestly loving it…"

"One of my friends recommended Beetl to me for dry, red patches on my daughter's face.. really amazed to see the result of Beetl so I would highly recommend this amazing baby cream..."

"Absolutely love this cream. Nothing else works for my babies’ dry skin. Great consistency and smell and the bottle is so cute. Have been through two bottles now."

"My wee guy gets drool rash around his neck from teething and food, and is getting others from irritants we haven't yet figured out. This gentle cream keeps it at bay and helps the itchiness... and clears it right up! I love having a cream that is safe for my children, the whole family uses it! I recommend it to whoever I can!"

"Incredible results with my little ones cradle cap. My boy had thick and stubborn cradle cap that wouldn’t shift with regular cradle cap cream. After less than two weeks it’s gone"

Key ingredients: Calendula and Chamomile

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