Ashley + Co Washup All-Over Body Wash - Bonberry

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Washup All-Over - A beautiful body wash in Ashley & Co's loved (and newest) scent, Bonberry.

Ashley & Co's body wash features a 100% natural and gentle-foaming surfactant for an all-over superior body wash. Silky and smooth, it glides effortlessly over the skin, cleaning and cleansing beautifully while maintaining the skin's natural PH and without depleting your skin's moisture barrier.

It's also loaded with beneficial plant-based extracts and oils - including harakeke (nz flax oil) which provides a boost of fatty acids and omegas for your skin, ginger root which is packed with antioxidants to relieve inflammation and Aloe which is a reliable aid to lock in moisture.

It cleanses and nourishes while delivering an uplifting burst of Ashley + Co's loved Bonberry fragrance: a luscious and fruity-floral with wild berries, musk, blossoms, distilled davana, geranium and fresh lychee. 


Ashley + Co products are all made here in New Zealand

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