Ashley + Co Topup Gone Green - Mortar + Pestle 1L Refill

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1-Litre Refill for Ashley + Co's Washup Gone Green - Mortar + Pestle 

Ashley + Co Washup Gone Green is a 100% natural hand and body wash, to smoothly remove surface and daily impurities without depleting your skin’s natural moisture. 

Washup Gone Green delivers a beautifuly nourishing cleanse, with its blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Leaf and Aloe. 

Gone Green is all natural, and made without sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, colourings or synthetic fragrance.

Scent: Mortar + Pestle
One of our favourite Ashley + Co fragrances, this one is a 100% Natural Parfum
A unique rhapsody of Black Tea, Exotic Elemi, Cedarwood, Indian Woods, Lemon Citrus and Patchouli

Bold base notes of Cedar and Patchouli, with the infusion of Black Tea, are lifted by fragrant notes of Citrus Lemon and Exotic Elemi. An earthy-yet-fresh composition. Natural Parfum.


Ashley + Co is proudly designed, made and packaged here in New Zealand.

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