Huski Champagne Flute - Brushed Stainless

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Vacuum insulated, Huski will keep your drink at the perfect chilled temperature until the last drop. 

These new Huski Wine Tumblers come with a detachable stem and a fully closeable lid.

  • Triple insulation (double-walled, copper-lined and vacuum insulated)
  • Detachable TwistLock Stem - switch between stemmed or stemless easily
  • 240ml capacity with EasySlider Lid to reduce splashes
  • Built to last with premium 304 stainless steel
  • New non-scratch base pad and TwistLock™ Stem protects surfaces from damage.
  • Stay-dry design means no condensation, even with a beautifully chilled drink on a hot-hot day - hands and tables stay nice and dry.

The secret behind Huski’s remarkable ability to keep drinks at the perfect temperature longer is the double-wall vacuum insulation and internal copper plating. This significantly reduces the thermal energy exchange between the contents of the Huski and the external environment. 

Huski is perfect for gifting (we love anything from the range as a host gift) - all Huski products come packaged in die-cut kraft presentation boxes which are 100% recyclable.

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