TWYG Renewing Antioxidant Facial Oil

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New NZ brand TWYG is the world’s first luxury skincare containing high-dosage Bioactive Totarol™ - a new anti-ageing super-ingredient that comes from native Tōtara trees. Bioactive Totarol™ is a skincare game-changer that protects skin, prevents and reduces signs of ageing, and also kills the bad bacteria that lead to blemishes, congestion and redness. (See more about Bioactive Totarol™ at bottom of page).

All TWYG formulas are packed with well-researched active ingredients that work synergistically alongside the hero ingredient Bioactive Totarol™ and are specifically chosen for maximum effectiveness. 

TWYG Renewing Antioxidant Facial Oil

Designed to boost skin elasticity, aid cell regeneration and nourish the skin barrier.

The potent antioxidant properties of Bioactive Totarol™ protect against the effects of environmental damage, while the entire formula has been designed to boost the skin’s natural elasticity and take on visible signs of ageing.

Loaded with Vitamin C, Squalane and Kakadu Plum, it will leave skin with a luminous glow, even skin tone, feeling fresher, firmer and well-nourished.

Absorbs beautifully and gives deep, long-lasting hydration.

Key active ingredients:

3% Bioactive Totarol™
Kakadu Plum
Algae Oil (High Stability High Oleic - HSHO) 
Enzymatic-treated Almond/borage/linseed/olive oils
High-absorption vitamin C
Jojoba Oil/Macadamia Seed Oil Esters
Tomato Extract

Application and routine
Apply a few drops after cleansing or throughout the day as required, gently massaging into the skin.
Can be used morning and/or night.

About Bioactive Totarol™

TWYG is the world’s first luxury skincare containing high-dosage Bioactive Totarol™ - a rare super-ingredient that’s unique to New Zealand, because it actually comes from native Tōtara trees.

The long lives of Tōtara trees are due to the Bioactive Totarol™ - a potent antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial AND anti-inflammatory compound located in the heartwood of the tree. It protects the tree from environmental damage, enabling it to live for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. 

When carefully harvested, Bioactive Totarol™ is a potent antioxidant antioxidant (7 x more effective than vitamin E) that helps protect the skin’s surface from the environmental aggressors known to cause premature ageing. So, what’s been protecting the mighty Tōtara for 100 million years, now protects you. 

Using their own innovative patented process, the team at TWYG are sustainably extracting Bioactive Totarol™ from naturally fallen Tōtara trees, and then using it (in potent high doses and in its purest organic form) across the full TWYG range.

TWYG packaging is made from 90% recycled plastics and is 100% recyclable. As a continued effort to reduce waste, all TWYG products will soon be available in refill form. 

Scientifically tested and proven / product of New Zealand / 100% vegan and cruelty-free / sustainably sourced / naturally derived, ethically-sourced and non toxic


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