Polish and Panache: Handelsmann + Khaw

Stately and sumptuous; but also warm and whimsical - get you a design team that can do both. We love the work of Australian interior architects Handelsmann+Khaw (design duo Tania Handelsmann and Gillian Khaw). 

Below, we share one of our favourite Handelsmann+Khaw projects, a pool terrace home in Paddington, Sydney. 

Let's head outside and take a look at that pool, shall we?

And back inside for a bit of a closer look at the kitchen...

This kitchen exemplifies the polished panache that is the Handelsmann+Khaw aesthetic. She's giving elegance and tradition, but also a little playful glamour with that soft lilac. (Dulux 'Ghost Town' - a whisper of a mauve-grey.)

I've not seen a butler's done like this, behind sliding reeded-glass doors. I love how they allow the kitchen to be opened right up to encompass the extra space, or closed to keep things buttoned up and tidy. (Also more than a little jealous of a triple-sink kitchen!) 

Photography by Prue Ruscoe
See much more of this incredible Paddo Pool Terrace project here.

While we're all here, let's take a look at designer Tania Handelsmann's own home too:

Love the use of a completely stainless steel unit (benchtop, drawers, even the pulls) on one side of the kitchen, juxtaposed with all the warmth and patina of other classic details (like that incredible antique table).

Ok - don't freak out, but I've just spotted marble. skirting.

This one little scene showcases the multifaceted Handelsmann+Khaw style: beautiful heritage bones, surprising post-modern design elements and artful contemporary accents. 

If you've been friends of Sunday for a while, you'll know I have a thing for sinks. Tania and Gillian are sink girlies too, but they do 'em better and bigger than ANYONE else. Period.

Photography by Felix Forest


Photography by Felix Forest

I couldn't leave you without showing one more Handelsmann+Khaw project.
See more of this straight-out-of-a-novel-I-want-to-read, Chateau-Marmont-but-in-Tuscany home here.

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