Inspiring Interior Design - The work of Laura Seppanen


Photography by Pauliina Salonen

We just love the work of Interior Designer and Stylist Laura Seppanen. She's a maestro of balancing simple and soft, refined and relaxed. This bathroom above is a great example of the Warm Minimalism aesthetic Laura does so well - with a select few statement pieces (the contemporary free-standing bath and graphic black tapware) balanced with warmer, softer and more organic elements, like the touches of timber, and the textured, sand-coloured, rendered walls.

Photography Mikael Pettersson

Um, yes please! This bedroom - with its dressing room tucked behind a half wall behind the bed - is pretty much my idea of heaven. Laura keeps the colour story nice and simple, but the overall look is far from boring with a varied palette of materials, bold sculptural shapes, and super-stylish modern lighting.

Photography Mikael Pettersson

Laura's bathrooms are luxurious sanctuaries that illustrate the value of Quality over Quantity. 

Photography Mikael Pettersson

The designer's own home is packed with personality. Fave details: that huge leaning mirror in the living room, all the graphic black accents (such as in the contemporary art prints, lighting, and that gorgeous black steel cabinet) and the exposed brick wall. 


Photography Mikael Pettersson

This living room! A simple colour palette, but oh-so-sculptural.

Simple styling - less, but better.

See more of Laura Seppanen's inspiring interior design and styling at her website, and make sure to go and follow her on Instagram, too - here.












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