Soft Poetry: The Voice of Emily Gillis' Interior Design


Introducing you today to the 'visual handwriting' of Interior Designer Emily Gillis. Emily styles and sculpts spaces with a design voice that is soft but impactful. 

These are scenes from her own small apartment; a true retreat in the thick of inner-city Melbourne.

Her work is a great example of how minimalism can actually 'say' a lot. It reminds me of how a poem can be created - with the smallest handful of words, used in artful, unique ways.

Side note: Love the shape she's used here as the stovetop splashback: it's a heritage nod, yet still feels modern. 

While Emily has a signature simplicity of colour, she really plays with shapes and textures in her spaces.

More melding of tradition with today: the all-drawer, clean-fronted cabinetry is definitely 2022, while the quenelle-shaped bronze handles are giving antique vibes, and that Ionian bridge-style tap is an absolute design icon.


This meditative, grounding space is the ultimate sanctuary for a busy designer.

Ok, I need this chubby little coffee table in my life! 

One thing I spotted and loved here in the bathroom (that Emily has also done in the kitchen) is the use of both aged bronze and nickel together. Take this as your permission to go ahead and mix metals!

Adore this Moroccan zellige tiling, and to add to the Mediterranean vacation fantasy, the floor in the bathroom is actually cobblestoned.

Also, I'll forever be a fan of a Shower Ledge. 

Let's take a look at another of Emily's recent projects:

Emily's work has an air timelessness, rather than capturing a specific moment in time. 

More adorable bronze handles

Emily actually designed these (in collaboration with fellow designer Zachary Frankel) and they're now available - in various finishes - to purchase for your own project, here.

And I couldn't not include this image below, a retail counter she designed for a recent commercial project. Dream! 

See more of Emily Gillis' work on her website, and follow her on Instagram @emilygillis

Photography by Sean Fennessy

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