Sunday Loves Spaces - Georgie Shepherd


I like to keep one eye out for whatever Georgie Shepherd designs next - and this is that, a little beauty of a renovation on a heritage home.

I have so many highlights with this home, including: the dappled glass sliding doors on either side of the kitchen (the one on the right leads to the utility space). This glass such a nostalgic material for me, and I love how it celebrates the age of this home, but at the same time (with reeded glass making such a comeback) also feeling very fashion-forward. I also love the bathroom tiling - Georgie has used three different styles of tiles, but they all work so beautifully together to create a soft texture throughout the space. Especially loving her choice of floor tile which creates a subtle checker pattern.

If you'd like to see the rest of this home, there's a full feature over on The Local Project, here. And join me in keeping your eye out for what Georgie Shepherd designs next, over on her Instagram @gshepherdinterior

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