Ashley + Co Washup All-Over Body Wash Refill

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1 Litre 'Topup' Refill pack.

Ashley + Co's newest product is a beautiful body wash in the beloved Tui + Kahili scent.

Washup All-Over has a 100% natural and gentle-foaming surfactant for an all-over superior body wash. Silky and smooth, it glides effortlessly over the skin, cleaning and cleansing beautifully without depleting your skin's moisture barrier.

pH balanced and loaded with beneficial plant-based oils and extracts, including Harakeke, Ginger Root and Aloe, this everyday wash will nourish your skin while it uplifts with the fresh, bright scent of Tui & Kahili.

(Includes harakeke which provides a boost of fatty acids and omegas for your skin, ginger root which is packed with antioxidants to relieve inflammation, adding in collagen and elastin, and Aloe which is a reliable aid to lock in moisture)

1000ml Topup refill pack.

Ashley + Co products are all made here in New Zealand.

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