YOU - The Well-Being Journal (2 Colours)

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In the busyness of life, you can forget to live. You go through the motions without the spark you once had, feeling like you’re surviving instead of thriving. The good news is the spark is still there. It’s in YOU. But you need to take the time to rediscover it through small daily actions.

YOU is a six-month wellbeing planner and daily journal designed to see you create change, grow, and flourish. It makes finding your spark simple, with manageable daily tasks that help you rediscover you. With six chapters including workbooks, examples, and accountability check-ins, this journal is your ultimate companion leading you towards a more intentional, balanced, and vibrant you.

The YOU journals are undated, so you can start at any time that works for you, rather than having to wait in accordance with a new year, or someone else’s timeline. The six chapters - each with their own carefully crafted prompts - have been pieced together to lead you on a six-month journey that has enough guidance to get you the results you deserve, while giving you complete freedom to design a course of action that’s all about you. Six months is the perfect amount of time to create change, without feeling like a daunting timeline to commit to.

Choose between two colours: Olive linen or Sand linen

By working through this journal, you will: 

~ Uncover how to create an aligned and balanced life
~ Set clear and actionable goals for the six months ahead
~ Learn and implement support rituals to keep your well-being front of mind
~ Plan your top priorities, self-care, and joyful activities for each month ahead
~ Work on positive mindset practices, live with intention, track habits, and hold yourself accountable every day
~ Review your progress and keep evolving on your journey towards a thriving you

Journal Details

120gsm FSC certified eco-friendly paper ~ Linen hardcover with gold embossed title and debossed YOU ~ Gold foil edging ~ Lay flat binding ~ Three ribbon place markers ~ Over 200 pages ~ Appendices with examples ~ Quotes to inspire ~ No dates, for the ability to start (or re-start) at anytime ~ Size 250mm x 200mm

Journal Chapter Contents

REDISCOVER YOU ~ The Dig Deep Workbook

Delve into your deepest desires, who you really are, your values, life success statement, and dream life. Use the wheel of life to assess areas you currently feel contented in, and others you need to work on.

CHOOSE YOU ~ Actionable Goal Setting

Review The Dig Deep Workbook and set clear actionable goals in order of priority for the six months ahead.

MAKE SPACE FOR YOU ~ Support Rituals

Review your key habits & rituals and how they can best support your goals, mindset, and ultimately, the journey towards a thriving life.

PRIORITISE YOU ~ Monthly Planning & Daily Journaling

Months 1 - 6. Set goal priorities for the month ahead, journal your daily intentions, review your day, and reflect on the month that has been.

LOVE YOU ~ Six Month Reflection

Review your progress over the last six months and how you feel now.


Selected examples to further guide you on your journey.


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